St. Mary’s Abbey Church, Newark, NJ

Project Summary:

Project Summary:: 

This quiet Abbey unobtrusively retrofitted and restored its incandescent lighting system with LED to better serve its mission within this multi-use space. Simultaneously, they increased illumination levels, reduced utility and maintenance costs.

Project Detail:

Project Detail:: 

Its old lighting failing and wanting to convert to more efficient LED technology, the Abbey asked Rambusch to retrofit it entire lighting system. It had become increasingly difficult to find replacement components for incandescent quartz fixtures and controls. Rambusch was asked to retrofit the existing lighting fixtures and to help coordinate a new dimming system.

Education is the Abbey’s mission, so the church had to accommodate the daily uses of the students and the Benedictine Monks in residence, as well as those of the Parish.

By removing a good number of fixtures, Rambusch also removed the disabling glare created by adding layer upon layer of lights over the years. In addition, new accent and uplighting was incorporated to provide more dramatic and inspiring illumination.