Empire State Building Lobby Restoration

The original plans of the Empire State Building called for a glowing, inverted pyramidal pendant to celebrate the Art Deco style of the day. Its details were never specified, nor was the fixture finished for the building’s hasty completion in 1931. Rambusch was called in to lead the way on this historic restoration.

We developed the ornate chandelier in brass and glass by interpreting original sketches and historic photos from the Empire State’s architects, Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. The current owner’s goal was to return this lobby to its original interior atmosphere as closely as possible. A design-assist with Beyer Blinder Belle Architects helped us facilitate the final interpretation as a fluorescent / LED Art Deco, eight-pointed pendant star in brass, stainless steel and sculpted glass. 

Fitting seamlessly into the rich visual environment, it is unique to the Empire State Building, a National Landmark and international icon.