Long Term Renovation of the Cathedral Church of St. Catharine of Siena

Commissions often span several years to completion. For the past five years, the Rambusch Company has been at the Cathedral Church of Saint Catharine of Siena, working closely with the Bishop of Allentown, the Most Reverend Edward Cullen.

Historic fixtures original to the building formed the basis for the design and fabrication of a complete, engineered lighting system. We began with the restoration of these sanctuary chandeliers, incorporating uplighting units into bowls at the top of the fixtures. These ornate luminaires provided the foundation for a complete lighting system, where we installed downlighting, accent and further uplights in the sanctuary space. All units tie into a multi-scene dimming system to provide support and complete focus for Saint Catharine’s varied liturgies.

The Reverend’s project continued by sheathing the back of the sanctuary in Venetian, gradated gold mosaic to support the Crucifix. Other changes have included modifications to the stone cathedrae and an adjustment of the sanctuary steps to maximize usable space. Most recently, the Rambusch firm designed new bronze pilasters, cast in Italy, as part of the ambo ensemble and updated the ambo to coordinate with the altar.

“I want you to know how delighted I am with your work. Truly, you have made our Cathedral not only liturgically beautiful, but also ceremonially functional.

The Catholic community is blessed to have you and the Rambusch family so dedicated to liturgical design and building.”

Most Reverend Edward P. Cullen, D.D.

Bishop of Allentown, Pennsylvania