Nike ID Flagship Boutique Store

Rambusch was approached by architect Simon Eisinger to design the lighting for a prototype NikeiD flagship boutique store. The goal was to develop an innovative, high-end environment where clients could custom-design their own shoes in casual comfort, an environment that needed to incorporate high-quality, discreet lighting to bring the space and merchandise to life.

The first store was on Elizabeth Street in the East Village. Its bright visual environment, with no glare and no obtrusive track lighting, changed the boutique concept from one where elaborate light fixtures had become objects that competed with the merchandise to one in which the fixtures were invisible, or nearly so.

Rambusch’s wall-mounted uplights, trimmed in brushed aluminum, were used throughout the space. Custom downlights projected light through square, rather than the usual round, openings, and uplighting concealed in the tops of room dividers were also manufactured by Rambusch. All of these fixtures were lamped with ceramic-arc metal halide, which made the color of the merchandise vibrant, while the light fixtures were not part of the customer experience.