Whether executing to the specifications of designers and architects or developing its own submissions in-house, Rambusch fabricates for private residences, public buildings and other spaces, both large and small.

Since its incorporation on December 17, 1898, the Rambusch Company has remained a small family business producing high-quality, custom-made objects and interiors to suit a wide range of clients. Over a century in existence, the Company has designed and executed more than 45,000 commissions in ecclesiastical arts, church interiors, stained glass, lighting, historic restoration, conservation, replication, art metal, and mosaic.

Rambusch has contributed to the design, creation, and restoration of landmarks, historic institutions, and centers of worship. From restoring the lobby of the Empire State Building, to creating the artwork honoring the first Catholic canonization to take place in the US, to returning the historic glow to Lady Liberty’s torch, our behind-the-scenes work has brought to life some of the most exquisite interiors and monuments in the world. Explore a selection of our projects to see samples of our work. 

Replicating an Historic Chandelier in Utah’s Governor’s Mansion
Replicating an Historic Chandelier in Utah’s Governor’s Mansion

As part of a full interior restoration, the State sought to restore its lighting fixtures and original 1902 historic chandelier. Rambusch created an exact replica, including original irregularities, using archival materials and lost wax casting.

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