Stained Glass

Our glass artists employ the same time-honored techniques of their forebears and are well prepared to handle nearly any size project for religious or secular environments – whether a new commission, historic conservation, replication, or repair.

Expertly Crafted Stained Glass for Every Vision

Rambusch is the sole survivor of the many Manhattan arts and crafts firms producing stained glass in the early 1900s. Today, the 5,000-square-foot glass studio is staffed with full-time artisans dedicated to designing, painting, kiln-firing, and leading stained glass windows. Our glass artists employ the same time-honored techniques of their forebears: etching, tracing, matting, shading, sculpting, staining, painting, and assembling. They are well prepared to handle nearly any project of any size for religious or secular environments, whether a new commission, repair or conservation, replication, or repair.

We’ve worked with windows by our nation’s great stained-glass artists, including Louis Comfort Tiffany, John La Farge, and Maitland Armstrong. Theirs and all glass that see our glass shop workbenches receive painstaking, fully documented restoration under appropriate conservation treatments. The studio holds thousands of glass sheets on hand in a library of opal, mouth-blown, and machine-made selections from international sources. With two computerized kilns, the Rambusch glass studio has the capability to move through several projects simultaneously, maintaining the same level of creativity, attention to detail, and overall excellence with which we began over a century ago.

New Stained Glass

A splendid stained glass window results from a three-fold collaboration between an architect or designer, client, and glassworker. Good work depends on sharing ideas between these three. As glass artisans, we create new, beautiful windows while working with the client and their designer to provide recommendations for mechanics, proper framing, color distribution, and the dramatic possibilities inherent to the glass itself. Our artists’ focus is stained glass. They are well-versed and educated in every technique necessary to produce exceptional results, with a library of imported glass at their fingertips. We can construct glass panels using wood, concrete, lead, zinc, and copper. Whether highly figured or abstract, Rambusch crafts and installs sound windows of permanence.

Conservation & Restoration

Beyond broken glass, we remedy general deterioration issues such as buckling, broken lead cames and bindings, corrosion, failing support bars, hardened putty, and simple buildup of dirt and grime. Often, more harm than good will result if leaded glass is handled improperly in the name of restoration and improvement. That’s why we have conservators and abatement specialists at our disposal to help establish restoration priorities and test for hazardous materials. There are thousands of leaded windows in this country in need of repair. There are seemingly just as many considerations and alternatives. We have decades of experience working with the historic leaded and stained glass found in our public buildings. These walls of luminous color are found in libraries, courthouses, and churches across the country. We support the growing interest in saving this part of our heritage through facilitating adaptive reuse, capital campaigns, and public outreach.