New Decorative

When clients need a lighting fixture to meet their unique criteria, we fabricate original Decorative fixtures to your specifications. Over the years we have implemented a vast array of fixture designs in all workable materials, housing light sources from flame to LED. Original fixtures can deliver more than one type of lighting from multiple hidden sources. New decorative fixtures can make a major statement, be concealed, or sit anywhere in between. From our design floor, metal and glass shops, Rambusch facilitates concept, experimentation, mock-ups, thermal and photometric testing, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval … all prior to fabrication.

We maintain seven major UL files: LED – recessed and pendent/surface/bracket. LED listings cover single and multiple drivers. Incandescent – recessed, pendant/surface/bracket; HID – recessed, pendant/surface/bracket. Fluorescent – recessed, pendant/surface/bracket. Most Custom listings fall under these major luminaire type categories, so they meet the general scope for UL. We also hold 70+ UL sub-files, and can use these to fast-track listings of specific fixtures.