April 05, 2024

Rambusch Celebrates 125 Years of Passion for Its Work

Rambusch Decorating Company commemorates 125 years as a firm originating with Frode Rambusch, a talented Danish immigrant who began his New York City interior decorating business in 1898. Since then, three successive generations have maintained a legacy of design excellence, including innovations in church lighting. Today under the hands of his twin great grandsons, Edwin and Martin, the firm thrives with significant liturgical projects, preserving and enhancing sacred spaces nationwide. The company’s commitment extends beyond renowned landmarks to encompass smaller church renovations, emphasizing community involvement whenever possible.

As example, by applying handcraftsmanship that is rare these days, Rambusch completely revitalized the sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Carmel, Indiana. The firm successfully blended liturgical tradition with modern church functionality by closely collaborating with church leaders and its architectural partners.

Their expertise in lighting ensures seamless liturgical integration while astutely enhancing architectural features, as seen in the renovation of Immaculate Conception Church, Washington, D.C., which was the focus of the Sunday tour at the 2023 CCFM Conference in Baltimore.

But it is not only high profile projects that get the firm’s full attention. Working with the communities and architects of small worship spaces across the country, Edwin and Martin express profound gratitude for all their clients and aspire to leave a lasting legacy of enriched worship spaces, much as their great-grandfather’s work survives to this day. Their dedication to preserving churches reflects a deep-seated commitment to serving communities and ensuring that spiritual sanctuaries endure for future generations. Edwin adds, “Possibly nothing matters more to us than contributing to the preservation of our churches. We would like for them to be a blessing for worshippers long after our work is done. You can read more about this in the March 2024 article here.