Engineered Lighting

Helping the design communities create uplifting environments through the best use of our tools, Rambusch provides far more than hardware. In addition to building fixtures, our business is built upon communication, collaboration and shared knowledge.

Elevate Environments with Engineered Lighting Excellence

Lighting is complicated —make no bones about it.

Rambusch offers the widest choice of architectural lighting solutions in the industry. Many manufacturers base their reputation on one type of fixture or sheer size of operation. On the other hand, we provide light where needed, never detracting from or adversely affecting the architectural environment. This aim has held steady through four generations of the firm’s management.

Over the past 125  years, the Rambusch has developed a selection of luminaires that provide a uniquely varied array of lighting distributions. Well-engineered fixtures distribute their light in a highly controlled manner, and an entire system of such hardware makes much better use of the light and the room together. In this way, we can achieve design objectives while making the most of the available lumens. We keep efficiency in mind while prioritizing the best placements for every project. To do this, it’s simply more practical to install a variety of fixtures in combination when lighting a complete architectural space. The point is to deliver light from multiple locations, in different distributions, and at various intensities. This is engineered lighting. As an integrated family, Rambusch-engineered fixtures work in combination to achieve what one single fixture type cannot.

To light spaces and help designers best use our tools in creating uplifting environments, Rambusch provides far more than hardware. In addition to building fixtures, our business is built on communication, collaboration, and shared knowledge. While there are other approaches, ours has served Rambusch clients well for over a century.

Engineered Downlights

Downlighting provides a visually and numerically smooth spread of light from many possible overhead locations. Fixtures are typically placed far outside the normal field of view and can provide general illumination without detracting from the aesthetics of the space. Downlight gives people enough light to read, perform tasks, interact, and people-watch.

Engineered Uplights

Interior architectural uplighting is available in a wide variety of indirect beam patterns. Fixtures are mounted to locate the lamp above sight lines; thus, the luminaires unobtrusively enhance a space while maintaining glare-free visual comfort. Varied beam patterns are available to address different architectural spaces.

Engineered Accents

Accent lighting highlights areas and objects to separate them from their background. Fixtures are mounted on either tracks or platforms. They are most often employed in multiples to properly render subjects for display and theatrical effects, cross-lighting to reduce shadowing.

Modified Engineered

Architects and engineers often adapt standard engineered products to accomplish their objectives. We can accommodate nearly any customized solution for any size project. Modifications to our essential platforms may involve any aspect of the lighting fixture, including baffles, housings, mounting brackets, wall plates, special finishes, reflector arrangements, and much more.

Engineered Wallwash

Wallwashers comprise a flexible family of optics and are designed specifically to deliver visually smooth, controlled light patterns over broad areas. These fixtures are highly versatile, with many uses in museums and galleries.