Custom Lighting

Rambusch works through its specialized lighting workshops to create beautiful, energy-efficient light for all settings and occasions, including new designs and updates of historic systems.

Explore the Beauty of Custom Lighting Solutions

Decorative Lighting

Historically, decorative luminaires added an intentional design style to a space. However, while often beautiful, they usually lacked the ability to provide even minimal levels of ambient illumination. Using updated sources, decorative fixtures are now more effective at lighting an area while still lending their appearance to overall design intent. Rambusch works through its specialized lighting, glass, and metal workshops to bring designers’ visions to life using appropriate light sources for beautiful, energy-efficient light — whether incandescent, quartz-halogen, fluorescent, HID, or LED.

New Decorative

When clients need a lighting fixture to meet their unique criteria, we fabricate original decorative fixtures to your specifications. Over the years, we have implemented a vast array of fixture designs in all workable materials, housing light sources from flame to LED. Original fixtures can deliver more than one type of lighting from multiple hidden sources. New decorative fixtures can make a major statement, be concealed, or sit anywhere in between. From our design floor and metal and glass shops, Rambusch facilitates concept, experimentation, mock-ups, thermal and photometric testing, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval—all prior to fabrication.

We maintain seven major UL files and hold 70+ UL sub-files, and we can use these to fast-track listings of specific fixtures.


The comprehensive scope of our services in design and fabrication supports all our restoration projects, ensuring the integrity of every fixture that passes through our hands. We are their stewards, and because we build new fixtures, we know exactly how to repair, restore, and re-engineer original fixtures to house updated light sources such as LEDs. Whether pristine or period, Rambusch can return any historic lighting fixture to any desired condition. In the process, we utilize our large private library and historical taxonomy to reference past work nationwide. We are well-versed in the standards for treating historic properties, employ formal conservation studies to document artifacts, and establish cleaning and preservation plans for historic surfaces before commencing work. Restoration does not end with fixture preservation but can include on-site documentation and removal strategies, insured storage and crating, as well as safe delivery and experienced installation.


We can also create entirely new lighting fixtures to replicate original fixtures, referencing existing samples, archival drawings, photographs, and every form of evidence in between. Rambusch replications are exact copies, generally wrought using the same techniques and materials as the original. In some cases, we’re asked to inconspicuously build in special sources and optics or update basic components to exceed the functionality of the original. We have years of experience implementing LEDs to recreate the historical inner glow of incandescent fixtures. We can create any non-existent luminaire to exact appearances, staying true to a specific period of time and historic location.