Rambusch has long produced furnishings and objects for worship, designing and shaping materials into symbolic and functional forms. From initial design to completed objects, we still weave the traditional thread of communicating ideas and iconographic richness through our work. Our artisans continue to create new furnishings and other central liturgical elements such as tabernacles, altars, ambos, fonts, candle stands and processional crosses. All unique to your tastes and needs; nothing is ever standard. We are often called upon to adapt our original works from decades past, or reclaim and recreate complete furnishing sets from stonework, doors, frames and other surviving pieces. Though our services, our clients have an exceptionally wide range of forms, materials, colors, textures and lighting effects to work with. By working closely with them to narrow down and use these effectively, we help them create truly communal and religious atmospheres that aid individuals in their personal practice of worship.