New Mosaic and Artwork

For design and installation of mosaic projects of any size, Rambusch handles the logistics that go into producing both small, and large-scale fabrication and installation. We plan, design and cartoon in our facility. Fabrication, andamento (the directional trend of the mosaic tiles), sectioning and projection (for compound curved surfaces) are performed under our close supervision in Italy, or in other studios nearby. This same, highly detailed process goes for any mosaic commission we undertake, from the smallest adornment, to the 90-ft gold dome of the National Shrine.

Over the decades, we have developed long-term relationships within the mosaic art communities. This valuable resource of talented, responsible individuals allows us to provide experienced craftspeople and specialists in many disciplines, all over the world. They execute our specific designs and work under our direct supervision. Our partnerships have been forged through many successful projects. For mosaic, painting and decorating or unique sculpture, our long-standing associates are steadfast resources to provide clients the benefits of greater design fabrication scope under Rambusch design management and supervision.