flite™ LED Uplights

We can place more illuminating power in small fixtures than any other provider on the market. Built around our patented thermal management system, the flite™ line of architectural uplights delivers the high flux needed to finally make solid state uplighting effective. From our small, inconspicuous flitePak, to the large, high-flux uplights needed in public spaces, the flite™ system allows Rambusch to incorporate LED where it couldn’t fit before, and where it wasn’t powerful enough to be effective. Now that’s all changed, because we’re expanding flite™ into all of our of LED uplights.

But flite™ is not just uplighting; it’s a cutting edge technology that’s opened the door to incorporating high-flux LED illuminators into very tight chambers. Our exclusive approach to SSL cooling drastically reduces weight and bulk over typical passive radiation systems. It’s particularly useful on historical projects, because flite™ curtails the internal shadows often seen when historical glass shades are lamped with LED. It preserves the familiar inner glow that people expect. This frees lighting designers to design as they please, without having to accommodate the heft of ordinary heatsink solutions. Rambusch is eager to facilitate designers by reducing the thermal footprint of LED. By cutting out the hardware and maximizing the light, see where flite™ can take you.