St. Stephen Catholic Church, New Orleans, LA

Project Summary:

Project Summary:: 

For its first major restoration in 130 years, Rambusch re-illuminated the interior of this beautiful German Gothic style church with an all-LED solution. New decorative lanterns and sconces provide an atmospheric, traditional glow to the sanctuary. Uplighting softly renders the architecture, while downlighting serves the needs of the congregants.

Project Detail:

Project Detail:: 

While preparing for its first renovation in 130 years, the pastor of St. Stephen approached Rambusch to develop a lighting system that would bring glory and sparkle back to the interior of this German Gothic style church.

During our initial visit we listened to Pastor, Rev. Msgr. Christopher Nalty, describe the scope of the project, and we discussed the role lighting could play. The interior had become visually tired, so Rambusch developed a lighting solution that would not only enhance the beauty of the church, but more importantly would accommodate all the needs of the Parish.

The all-LED solution, manufactured in Rambusch’s workshops, was developed around new decorative lanterns and sconces, adding decorative glow to the sanctuary. These new fixtures conceal their engineered elements, whose purpose is to deliver both uplight (to illuminate the glorious ceiling) and downlighting (to facilitate reading in the pews). The three elements of this lighting system — decorative, uplight and downlight — are supplemented with accent lighting for liturgical emphasis (provided by others).

The overall effect allows congregants and visitors to appreciate the beauty of the church’s architecture and artwork, which were hiding in the shadows for years.

The fully controlled system easily adapts to every need, Daily Mass, Sunday Mass, weddings, concerts or other liturgies, and allows staff members to adjust the lighting according to the uses of the church.