St. Mary Catholic Church, German Village, Columbus, OH

Project Summary:

Project Summary:: 

Original 1970s Rambusch fixtures were refurbished using LED as part of a complete lighting renovation. Historical lanterns were restored and internally fitted with a complete system to satisfy the needs of downlighting, uplighting and internal glow. A new control system was designed, while all work was carefully integrated into the progress of other trades on the project.

Project Detail:

Project Detail:: 

Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church approached Rambusch to upgrade and convert its incandescent fixtures to LED. Coincidentally, the firm had installed these very same fixtures in the 1970s.

Illumination from the new downlighting system was supplemented by renovating St. Mary’s historic lanterns in Rambusch’s Jersey City workshops. The lanterns were restored, concealing the equipment to provide additional downlight, uplighting and internal glow. Along with a new dimming control system, this upgrade allows the church to change its interior atmosphere to suit all its liturgical needs.

A project of this scope required a good deal of flexibility in the design process, as well as close work with the other trades. To establish final locations for the downlights, Rambusch collaborated closely with the painting and interior decoration firm, EverGreene Architectural Arts.