“Russian Room,” UN Security Council Consultation, New York, NY

Project Summary:

Project Summary:: 

Developed the scope for this expressive and complex LED lighting fixture. Rambusch brought its specialized workshops for lighting, glass and illumination together to manage the creation of this striking fixture, bringing the artist’s unique design and vision to life.

Project Detail:

Project Detail:: 

The UN recently undertook a massive renovation of its buildings with a key component being the renovation of several rooms by donor nations. The Russian Federation undertook one such room. A Russian artist conceived of a floating illuminated lighting fixture. When unlit it is seen as a silvered mirror ring, but when illuminated provides glowing source suitable for a conference room. Rambusch establish a visual understanding of the concept with lighting firm, Renfro Design Group, through various glass mockups, as well as illuminated samples.

This project was highly symbolic, and so the installed fixture had to exactly match the artist’s original vision. Therefore, the Rambusch design-assist process of first establishing a visual definition, and then refining together became critical to the successful outcome of the project. In addition to this artistic portion, Rambusch thermally validated all lighting elements to achieve their maximum lifecycles, in this case Xicato LEDs. Rambusch was part of the team that helped Xicato thermally validate these concepts, which assured that the completed fixture followed the manufacturer’s guidelines. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Design-assist services were provided to develop the project scope and prudently marry SSL technology with metal and glass, through mockups, onsite and offsite fabrication supervision on this project of international visibility.