Private Residential Chapel, Emmitsburg, MD

Project Summary:

Project Summary:: 

Rambusch designed, fabricated and installed stained glass windows, Stations of the Cross and liturgical furnishings in this 702 sq-ft gem-like private chapel. Recipient of a 2017 Palladio Award.

Project Detail:

Project Detail:: 

Rambusch worked closely with the architect and the donor to create St. Mary's, a unique private-use chapel for fifteen worshippers that’s small and perfect in every way.

Thirteen stained glass windows encircle the apse and nave, commemorating major events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. Carved in Carrara marble, the Stations of the Cross surround the pews on the perimeter. The central carved wood crucifix floats above the altar within a stellar mosaic semi-dome. A bronze cross surmounts the exterior. Each element was designed with special care.

Rambusch also designed and fabricated the lighting fixtures, which bring the interior of this cozy little chapel to life.