Minnesota State Capitol Restoration, St. Paul, MN

Project Summary:

Project Summary:: 

Rambusch was called upon to retrofit existing downlights with LED technology without damage to the valuable decorative ceiling.

Project Detail:

Project Detail:: 

In 1937, Rambusch invented and patented the first recessed downlight in the United States, an innovation in the engineered lighting world. In the years since then, our fixtures have been installed in literally tens of thousands of applications around the United States and the world. Currently, we are manufacturing our Mark V generation of LED downlights. A critical element in the design of this family of fixtures was their ability to be retrofitted to the prior four generations of fixtures and mounting systems in use. Having spent almost two years in development, we can now install a new LED illumination system onto many of our older fixtures requiring only access from above with no need for expensive scaffolding or even touching a decorative ceiling. Please do note we can and have retrofitted our Mark V family to other manufacturer’s’ quartz down lighting mounting plates as well. This development has allowed fixtures to be changed to today’s energy saving LED technology.

This was the case for the Minnesota State Capitol, one of the more than 40 state capitols and other significant public buildings for which Rambusch has supplied engineered downlighting solutions. Rambusch developed a mounting system for the Minnesota State Capitol that allowed our new Mark V fixtures to be installed onto the existing Rambusch mounting system which was plastered into the highly decorative ceiling. The results were breathtaking: innovative energy saving LED technology using the best color consistent Xicato LED elements, while not affecting any of the ornate and valuable decorative plaster and painting work.

The result: a win-win for not only the project but, more importantly, for the building itself.