Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul, Providence, RI

Project Summary:

Project Summary:: 

Increased brightness. Raised visual quality. Saved energy. Rambusch refurbished 50 year-old sanctuary lanterns with LED, then re-lit the congregation with new LED over side-aisles and downlighting high over the center aisle.

Project Detail:

Project Detail:: 

Rambusch initiated a design-assist to install full size mockups in this Gothic style structure, which is richly adorned in wood, gilt and fresco. The initial request was to simply raise brightness and save energy. However, the finished project significantly improved visual quality for this Cathedral’s congregants, noticeably increasing their comfort.

Back in the 1960s, when sleek, minimalist design ruled the day , Rambusch created the church’s lighting system to  support the liturgical renovation of the church, with which Rambusch was also involved. For 50 years the pendants hung above the pews, but they were no longer producing the light levels or quality of light desired by today’s population. The initial study mockups allowed the Company to restore and refit them with custom-engineered LED engines, and optimize their performance by adjusting their suspension height. The “new” pendant lanterns smoothly illuminate the pews below, but also conceal added uplights that softly render the Gothic vaulting and carved wood ribbing above.

After improving the pew lighting, Rambusch installed its Mark V LED recessed units over the side aisles, and metal-halide downlighting high over the center aisle. The entire interior environment is now truly alive and functional, and Sts. Peter and Paul has been revitalized. The soaring Gothic architecture has visually opened up for the very first time, and the impact upon the interior clearly shows that a 50 year-old lighting system — when planned with the congregation in mind — can be updated to meet all the needs of a present-day cathedral.