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LED Recessed Downlight, Mark V

LED downlight with 8″ Twist-Loc chamfered trim plate, 5″ aperture standard. Other trims available. Fast installation from above or below. Reversible mounting frame for wet construction or existing ceilings. LED units can replace all existing Rambusch downlights without removing old Twist-Loc trims. Multiple options are available for drivers, dimming, and beamspreads.

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LED Architectural Uplight

This is a medium-sized adjustable LED uplight fixture that gives you multiple options for lumen output and housing design. Our unique, low profile approach to thermal management is patent-pending, and allows flite™ units to support higher lumen packages in smaller, lighter weight fixtures. A variety of integral and remote drivers are available for all popular […]

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LED Surface Accent w/ Integral Driver

This is an adjustable LED accent fixture that’s small enough to conceal anywhere within the architecture, since accent lighting is highly dependent on mounting location. Small and efficient, Rambusch LED accent units are the perfect complement to an interior lighting scheme for adding gentle focus and direction without adding maintenance. With X-Y aiming and builtin […]

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