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Click here for the BBCs look inside the new museum.

A new museum exploring the history and impact of the iconic Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World has opened on New York’s Ellis Island. The museum sits next to the Statue itself, and takes people back to its creation in Paris, where its purpose was to mark the 100 years since the Declaration of Independence and the historic alliance between the US and France.

Phelps Construction selected Rambusch to lead the team of artisans who moved Liberty’s torch and carried out its conservation. We are proud to have our work give new life to this national treasure.

As part of its process, Rambusch created a baseline condition survey, conservation and cleaning program. We oversaw the dismantling, transport and reassembly of the torch elements. We then conducted its cleaning and conservation on site.

Nearby in our Jersey City workshops, we simultaneously developed an internal lighting system to recapture the warm experience of the glass and copper sheet flame as it might have glowed over 130 years ago.